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Car Diagnostics in West Molesey

When your car develops a fault, it could be tricky for you to tell exactly what has gone wrong. However, for cars close to our base in West Molesey, we can read otherwise confusing error codes and so get to the bottom of the problem at hand. The problem could be anything from a flat battery or tyre, to a puncture, a fuel mismatch or even just an electrical fault. However, until you know exactly what the issue is, you can’t act on it. Once our experienced mechanics do know the issue, they can recommend – and provide – the most suitable solution. When the problem is “nipped in the bud” before it has a chance to develop into something more serious, you can keep your car running safely, a valuable source of peace of mind.

Engine Diagnostics in West Molesey

Whether your car becomes faulty at your home or workplace or on a random roadside, we can make our way to any location near our West Molesey garage, bringing with us sophisticated diagnostics equipment that we will use to make sense of the whole conundrum. If you own a modern vehicle, it likely includes an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which we can use to this end. The ECU is connected to on-board sensors which will report back if, for example, the engine is too hot or fluid levels are too low. The ECU will also produce an error code – one of potentially hundreds of error codes the unit is capable of generating. Fortunately, though, our skilled car diagnostics specialists can read these codes, no matter how complex, and swiftly repair your automobile.

Car Diagnostics guide

While all modern cars include on-board computers tracking the likes of emission levels, engine temperature and windscreen wipers, you might remain none the wiser as to what the error codes produced by these computers precisely indicate. Vehicle diagnostics equipment is necessary for deciphering these codes, which could be accompanied by a warning light on your dashboard. Fortunately, at our West Molesey garage, we have the relevant equipment for picking on issues with your car. We have received in-depth technical training enabling us to recognise and resolve anything from damaged suspension to car engine faults in West Molesey and surrounding areas, so please contact us to book a check-up of your faltering vehicle.

Car Diagnostics Faq's

Thanks to the modern features built into cars, the sensors, chips and in-built processors installed can perform a wide range of information to a professional. Even if no indicators on your dashboard are alerted right now, a diagnostic test can reveal if there is the beginning of any underlying problem within the engine or elsewhere – potentially making an issue easier, and cheaper to repair.

Before this modern solution was widely used, and manufacturers started routinely rolling out vehicles fitted with the right technology, identifying problems was more tricky. Usually, something would have to go wrong with the car before the issue was noticed, but diagnostic tools can now highlight problems before they become severe. They also allow the mechanic to check the history of the vehicle, and get an idea of any historical problems that may be causing a new issue.

Primarily, the test reveals how the car’s engine is performing, but the diagnostics can also look at much more. The exhaust, brakes and transmission are also tested, while the fuel injector, throttle and other key functions are also under scrutiny. The test will not reveal exactly what the problem is, but will tell the mechanic where it lies – meaning they’ll spend less time looking for issues and dedicate more time to repairing them.

While it’s not essential, as a rough guide a diagnostic test should be run once every year. You could also ask a dealer or private seller if they would agree to a diagnostic test before buying and, if your dashboard is telling you that something is wrong, then take your car straight to a professional mechanic to perform the test – especially if diagnostics haven’t been run in some time.

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