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You can get straight to booking your car servicing right now, simply by entering your registration details above. We’ll be back in touch with you as soon as possible, with that all important car service cost, and discuss when you’d like to pop in with your vehicle. Whether you’ve been looking for a “local car service near me”, or even “the best car service near me”, if you’re within a short drive of our West Molesey, purpose built auto centre, your search is already complete. We have all the experience, tools and equipment you need to ensure you’ll drive away with a fully road worthy vehicle that’s not going to let you down any time soon. If you have any questions about our car servicing expertise, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Car Servicing in West Molesey

As there’s no one-size fits all ideal, when it comes to car servicing, we recommend that if you’re experiencing a problem, or have clocked up around 12,000 miles since your last service, that you call in to see us with your car. Our team of professional mechanics will check the function of everything from your lights and your horn, to your wheel bearings and joints, and have you back on the road as soon as possible. And with a full service car cost that certainly won’t break the bank, you can tick your car service off your annual ‘To-Do-List’ for another few months at the very least. Read our FAQ’s section, further below, for everything you need to know about car servicing, and how the team at Clocktower Auto can help.

Car Servicing Guide

Ever wondered what a car service actually involves? Our handy guide shows what everything from an oil service to a major car service involves, and where your annual car service cost is spent. In each instance, the full service cost is linked to the detail we undertake. And in fact, as you’ll see, we cover a comprehensive range of individual services each and every time. Ultimately ensuring that your vehicle is in its best possible condition when we’re done, we’ll let you know exactly what we find when we service your car.

Car Servicing Faq's

In the industry, there’s a recommended distance between car services, of around 12,000 miles, or a recommended time between services of around 12 months. Modern cars are often fitted with their own diagnostic system that can tell you when it’s time for a service. If your car does this and you don’t believe a service is due, it’s advisable to book your car in anyway, as the diagnostic system recommends.

Car servicing and MOTs are entirely different things, which are undertaken for different reasons and perform different functions. An MOT is actually a legal requirement too, and essential for your insurance, whereas car servicing is designed to keep your vehicle roadworthy. It makes sense to have your car serviced regularly, and not rely solely on an MOT, which won’t test how well it is running quite as efficiently.

While manufacturers may recommend that you choose a dealership car service, it is entirely your right as the owner of the vehicle to choose who services it, and where. Choosing an independent garage should never invalidate your warranty, but you should ensure you choose a reputable company that will carry out the servicing exactly as the manufacturer’s servicing advice states.

Older cars, naturally, are going to become more susceptible to problems than newer models. There is an argument for older cars being serviced every 6 months, while modern cars could go up to 18,000 miles between services. However, servicing can reveal hidden damage that may not yet be a problem, and gives you the chance to repair it cheaply, before accruing more costs. Essentially, if your car isn’t serviced regularly, problems can become worse – and more expensive.

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