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If you’ve been experiencing any problems with your transmission, it’s absolutely essential you look into these sooner rather than later. Or, more precisely, have an experienced professional look into it on your behalf. So, if you’ve heard any irregular grinding or buzzing, especially a noise that’s becoming slowly and progressively worse, then it’s time to pop in to see us. Other clear indications can be a lack of response when changing gear, low fluid levels or leaks, and a strange, burning-like smell that becomes more apparent over time. At our specialist West Molesey gearbox repair garage, the Clocktower Auto Centre team are on hand to ensure your gearbox problems don’t become expensive, gearbox disasters.

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The amount of time it takes to deal with a gear box problem depends on the type of transmission involved, and the vehicle. However, after many years in the business, and the successful replacement of many gearboxes, on a range of vehicles, even if it’s time for a new gearbox for your car, you’ll only be off the road for a couple of days at a time. We also thin long-term in our approach, so if your minor gearbox issue looks like it’s going to be a bigger problem further down the line, we’ll let you know what we think, and how you’d like to proceed. You are always the main focus of our service, and getting you and your vehicle back on the road, safely and efficiently, is our number one priority every time you drive down to see us.

Gearbox repair guide

Our highly skilled technicians will perform all the necessary checks, and quickly diagnose the problem and solution with your gearbox. Whether it’s a manual or automatic transmission, we’ll always have a number of options on hand. We can either rectify the problem, including re-conditioning the gearbox, or fully replace it with a brand now, or already re-conditioned model. Naturally, we’ll discuss cost with you before undertaking any repair, and always strive to give you and your vehicle exceptional value for money. We work with a wide range of makes and models, and are familiar with the intricacies and common problems that can affect them. If you have any questions about our gearbox repair service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.


The most common cause of gearbox failure is the inadequate lubrication of your gearbox system. It relies on oil and grease to run properly, and can become contaminated by other particles and water, over time. It is very rare that the way you handle the car leads to a full gearbox failure, although your gearbox will tell you straight away if you’re doing something it doesn’t like!

This depends usually on the recommendation of your manufacturer, which could be as much as 60,000 – 80,000 miles. However, if you regularly drive in difficult conditions, this could be as low as 30,000 miles. The gearbox oil should be checked at regular intervals regardless, especially if you’ve begun to notice any signs from your car that the gearbox is beginning to struggle.

A burning smell is never good when it’s coming from your car, so if it’s coming from the gearbox it could mean that transmission fluid is overheating. You may also notice leaking fluid, or that switching gears is becoming more difficult. It you feel grinding while changing gears, or hear any unusual noises specifically from the gearbox, it may be time for an immediate professional check.

In most circumstances, it takes no more than a couple of days to replace a gearbox in a rear wheel drive car. Front wheel drive vehicles can be a little more labour intensive and take longer, and it may also take time to source the replacement parts required. All in all, however, you’ll usually be looking at no longer than a week, including the time it takes to order parts.

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