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MOT Hampton Court

Whether your vehicle is due for its first or ‘umpteenth’ MOT, bring it on down to our purpose built test centre near Hampton Court. Your car will be placed in the experienced, professional hands of our friendly mechanics, who will test the quality of the vehicle outside and in. From the brightness of your lights, to the emissions from your exhaust, we’ll check everything to issue you with a brand new MOT certificate. Also talking you through any issues or problems we find with the car, you’ll understand why any repairs are required, how much they will cost, and how long you’ll have to wait to get back on the road for another 12 months. At Clocktower Auto Centre, we make your annual MOT a simple, stress free process.

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If you drive a Class 4 vehicle, or happen to manage a number of Class 4 cars, then get them booked in whenever the time comes around again for an MOT. We keep our prices cheap, because we believe that you shouldn’t have to budget for keeping your car on the road. Even if your car needs a little professional TLC to pass its MOT the second time, we’ll always try to fix it at the best cost to you. In the instance that your car does not pass its MOT, we’ll advise you on the best course of action, and whether it is safe to drive to an alternative location for repairs. In the majority of instances, we’ll be able to make all necessary repairs for you on site, within a reasonably short timeframe.

Hampton Court MOT Centre

As you’ll see, we also offer a free MOT reminder service for all our Hampton Court MOT customers. You can either leave your details here on our website, using the Free MOT Reminder option below, or we’ll add your details when you drive in to see us. This way, you’ll never again forget that you have an MOT due, as we’ll remind you with a good month to spare on your next MOT date. And if you notice any other problems with your vehicle throughout the rest of the year, you’re more than welcome to drive back to see us. We provide a wide range of other services that keep your vehicles in peak condition in between MOTs, including routine servicing, repairs, replacements, tyre fitting, and much more.


MOT In Hampton Court FAQs

Your MOT certificate will be valid for 12 months, and you can have your vehicle tested again up to 4 weeks in advance of its expiry date. However, the car’s age, and natural wear and tear may mean that your vehicle needs professional attention at any time in between. The MOT confirms that each part checked was working properly on the date of the MOT.

If your car fails on a single, or several aspects of its MOT, once the necessary repairs are made you can usually have a partial re-test for free. Also, if you have it repaired elsewhere, you won’t usually be charged for a re-test on the same day. However, if you leave a gap between the first test re-test, you may be charged for a full MOT.

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