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If your vehicle is 3 years old or more, as you’re probably well aware, you’ll need to get your MOT test certificate renewed every 12 months. And while it’s certainly your responsibility to make sure this is done, and avoid an unnecessary fine, why not make it our job to check your vehicle? At our MOT test centre, we have the professionals, tools, and purpose built facility to give your vehicle the attention it needs. Including a Class 4 MOT service, look no further for a cheap MOT in West Molesey, if you’re looking online for an “MOT near me” right now. We’ll perform a variety of checks on your vehicle, from the front to back, and top to bottom, ensuring everything from your windscreen wipers to your exhaust is road-ready.

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To ensure that your MOT in West Molesey is on time, each and every year, you can even register your details with our MOT testing centre, and we’ll send you a reminder one month before it’s due again. However, if your car also happens to need a service now, or between now and then, why not book a service and MOT in West Molesey at the same time, giving you even less to worry about when it comes to the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Our professional team will always be on hand to diagnose any problems you’ve noticed, and be able to engineer the solution for a reasonable cost. We can even collect and drop off your vehicle on the day of its MOT, for only a small additional fee.

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A standard Class 4 MOT involves our experienced team undertaking a meticulous inspection of the essential elements of your car that it needs to meet roadworthy, legal requirements. This includes attention to the chassis, where signs of long term corrosion may be beginning to appear. We will also check your brakes and fuel system, the lights front, back and side, internal essentials like seatbelts and mirrors – everything down to your windscreen wipers. Our MOTs in West Molesey cover every essential element of your car, other than the existing condition of the engine, clutch and gearbox, which can also be checked, if your annual car service is also booked in.



MOT is an acronym for Ministry of Transport. It is the Ministry of Transport that legally requires you to prove, by taking your vehicle to a MOT specialist, that it continues to comply with a number of requirements. Once a car is 3 years old, it is required to have an MOT inspection, by law, every 12 months. If your car passes its MOT, its pass certificate is valid for the next year under Ministry of Transport regulations.

In the event that your car fails its MOT, you will be given a VT30 – essentially a ‘Refusal of MOT’ certificate. While you will not be immediately required to pay for the necessary repairs needed on the spot, at this point you are not allowed on the road, unless driving it to a garage for repairs. When the repairs are complete, your car will need to be tested to MOT standards again, before a valid MOT certificate is issued.

Your last MOT certificate will tell you when 12 months from your last is up, while you can also input your registration online to check, by visiting the Vehicle Tax, MOT and Insurance section of the website. However, if your vehicle is less than 3 years old, it’s important that you organise an MOT before it reaches its third birthday.

It would usually take around 45 minutes to complete a full MOT test, unless certain complications arise. In most circumstances, if you were to leave your car for an hour, with a reliable professional, the test will be complete when you return. At this point you would only have to wait longer for your certificate to be issued, if it isn’t already, or if any aspect of the MOT needs to be discussed (for instance, why it has failed and what you are advised to do).

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