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While selecting a shredder, benchmark your purchase against your security level needs: 4.7 out of 5 stars . 50x Automatic Cross-Cut Shredder. . Active sensing technology measures the number of sheets being fed in real . +971 4 2406030 Active sensing technology measures the number of sheets being fed in real-time to stop paper . If your shredder is jammed or clogged, it may present with these symptoms: Not fully shredding the paper. Duty Cycle: Continuous 6 minute runtime before a 60 minute cool down period is needed. The Rexel Momentum X312 Paper Shredder a compact cross cut shredder with anti-jam technology ideal for use in a home office to dispose of confidential documents such as invoices, orders and receipts. View Products, Jam Free, Hassle Free, Mess Free Protect you confidential and valuable information by shredding any documents that may put your business at risk from identify fraud REXEL MOMENTUM X410 MANUAL FEED CROSS CUT SHREDDER . It features Jam-Free technology with continuous sensing, takes up to 22 sheets at a time and fits up to 600 shredded sheets in recyclable bags enclosed in a pull-out frame for easy emptying. This shredder also features jam free technology, a clear, easy to use LED control panel, castors for easy manoeuvring around the office, and quiet operation. . . Switch the shredder to its "reverse" option (usually there is a well-marked button on the top of the shredder) before plugging it back in. This unique 'self-cleaning' mechanism is additional jam prevention technology from Rexel. Made for a shared office of up to 20 users. It features Jam-Free technology with continuous sensing, takes 24 sheets at a time and has a compact 34 litre sized bin taking up to 265 shredded sheets. If the paper you are inserting is narrow, it may not be activating the optical sensor. It features Jam-Free technology with continuous sensing, a distinct brightly lit indicator, next to the paper entry feeder that warns you whether you are trying to feed too much paper into the shredder in one go. Add to Basket. Any more than 3 ordinary sheets caused the shredder to jam. Department Shredders > REXEL MOMENTUM X410 MANUAL FEED CROSS CUT SHREDDER Quantity. The shredder will back up and loosen the jammed paper. Fellowes Microshred Shredders 225Mi Model 225Mi. Run the shredder in reverse and forward for 5 seconds in each direction. You do not want to lose your hands when you begin to investigate the reason as to why it is jammed. Jam Free, Hassle Free, Mess Free! Fellowes Automax 200M - 200 Sheet Auto Feed. This shredder also features anti-jam technology with its motor-reverse function, helping you to shred more efficiently without . This alone fixes the problem a lot of the time. 2) Remove the waste bin, Shut off and unplug the shredder anytime you open it. Best for capacity - Rexel momentum X308 cross cut paper shredder black: 49.99, Shreds paper, paper clips and small staples only. Rexel Mercury RLS32 Strip Cut Paper Shredder, Features, Shreds up to 20 sheets in one pass (80gsm) P-2 (5.8mm), 1 x A4 sheet into 40 strip cut pieces, 50L bin capacity, 400 A4 sheets, Mercury Jam Free Shredding, Shreds CD's, staples, paper clips and credit cards, Sleep mode after 2 minutes of non use, Bin full indicator, Add to Cart . Available online for delivery or order & collect. Product Description The Rexel Auto+ 300X Cross-Cut Shredder is part of the award-winning automatic shredder range from Rexel. Our Price 130.00 (Excl. 4 . The right oil for a shredder is one of the best options to clear up a nasty jam. Given that you are unable to shred more sheets of paper than the shredder is capable of shredding, paper jams are prevented. Item Weight15 Kg. Rexel Momentum X410 Paper Shredder . Rexel's Range of Optimum Auto+ Cross Cut shredders save time by 98% when compared to traditional shredding, simply stack, shut and go! These days call for shredders you can rely on. 30L bin capacity, 275 A4 sheets Anti jam technology, shredder automatically stops and reverses when too much paper is inserted Easily shreds multiple documents, even with staples and paperclips on the corners Sleep mode after 2 minutes of non use Bin full indicator Ultra quiet operation < 60 DbA Specifications Touch panel operation for easy use Rexel Shredder Sc170 - Lagos, Ikeja; Back to Results. We sent this cross-cut shredder to the lab; read our expert review to find out how well it coped with our tough tests. Shredding up to 8 sheets (70gsm) or 7 sheets (80 gsm) in one pass, the Rexel REM820 is perfect for the shredding needs of any office users with a requirement for high security. Aurora AU1060MA Professional Grade 10-Sheet High Security Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder/ 60 Minutes/Security Level P-5, White, AU1060MA 10-Sheet High Security Microcut. This is a very common problem and it often can be solved very easily by ensuring the device is plugged into the wall. Patented anti-jam technology prevents your shredder from becoming jammed and easily allows removal of the jam should they occur. Rexel Momentum Extra Shredders ; Rexel Momentum Extra Shredders. Rexel Shredder Parts. Try clearing the jam using the reverse ( ) and continuous jam boost ( ) buttons. Mercury Jam Free technology Shreds up to 11 sheets in one pass (80gsm) A number of shredders from Rexel feature Mercury Anti-Jam Technology (or Rexel Jam Free Technology as it's also known), a handy feature which is intended to stop paper jams that are the result of overfeeding - so here's a quick overview of how it works. Overheat LED warning light. Paper shredder stops working in the middle of a shredding session. We supply a large range of Rexel auto feed paper shredders including the Optimum AutoFeed+. Mercury Jam-Free Technology, This shredder features Mercury Jam-Free technology, allowing customers to shred with confidence. Ensure that you only use one of the aerosol lubricants to prevent causing damage to the machine. Model Number2104100. 225 A4 sheets Anti jam technology. But style isn't everything, so will it shred your confidential documents beyond all recognition? Shredder running problem, Rexel 100x? Rexel Momentum is just that. The large bins offer a safe place for the micro-and cross-cut shreds and their bin window indicates how full they are. Rexel Shredder Sc170 - Lagos, Ikeja 1 year ago Industrial Equipment Lagos, Ikeja Reference: 19233595 . The Rexel RDS2270 is a strip cut medium to large office shredder which shreds up to 22 sheets of 80 gsm paper in one pass as well as staples, clips, CD/DVDs. Rexel Auto+ 100m Micro-Cut Paper/Credit Card Shredder With 100 Sheet Capacity And Jam Clearance - Black 220 Volts Not For USA is a smart solution for businesses who want to . 700.00 ex VAT. View Product. Rexel Momentum Extra jam free paper shredders are ideal for destroying confidential documents in the office.The XP420+ shredder machine shreds up to 20 sheets of A4 paper (80gsm) in one go through the manual feed slot into P-4 (4x35mm) cross cut pieces. 169.95 ex vat. It features a 23 L waste bin with a capacity of up to 225 A4 sheets with a light that indicates when it's time to empty it. Fellowes Microshred Shredders 99Ms Model 99Ms. There are different shredders for different objects and purposes: Paper Shredder (Wikipedia) Industrial Shredder (Wikipedia) Scrap Metal Shredder (Wikipedia) Woodchipper (Wikipedia) Here are some helpful links on maintaining/repairing paper shredders: Shredder Jam. View All, Auto Feed Micro Cut, Auto Feed Shredding is now possible even for higher security requirements. In Stock . Rexel ProStyle Shredder Rexel Style+ Shredder Rexel Style CC Shredder Confetti Cut Confetti Cut Confetti Cut 4 x 35mm 4 x 23mm 4 x 30mm DIN S3 DIN S3 DIN S3 11 sheets (80 gsm) 7 sheets (80 gsm) 5 sheets (80 gsm) . Rexel Shredder Oil Sheets (pack of 12) Rexel Shredder Oil Sheets (pack of 20) Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ 600M Automatic Micro Cut Paper Shredder P5, Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ 750M Automatic Micro Cut Paper Shredder P5, Features, Auto feed up to 300 sheets of A4 paper (80gsm) at a time. Rexel Momentum X410 Paper Shredder shreds up to 10 sheets in one go, with a 6 minute continuous run time, making it ideal for home use. Department Shredders > REXEL MOMENTUM X406 MANUAL FEED CROSS CUT SHREDDER Quantity. Quick & efficient delivery all over Dubai. Mercury Jam-Free Technology This shredder features Mercury Jam-Free technology, allowing customers to shred with confidence. It shreds up From R9 811.00 : Rexel Recyclable Shredder Waste Sacks, 26L Capacity, Pack of 20, For Rexel Mercury 26L Shredders, 2102577 : Office Products . Not pulling in paper or only pulling it on one side. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Number of Items1. P4 Cross Cut 4x28mm pieces. INFOSTOP AUTOMASTER AS300M - 300 Sheet Auto Feed. This item: Rexel 1202020 Alpha 5 Sheet Manual Strip Cut Shredder for Home or Small Office Use, 10 Litre Bin, Black 42.02 Amazon Basics Shredder Sharpening & Lubricant Sheets - Pack of 12 6.34 Swordfish Shredder Oil Lubrication Bottle 240ml - Suitable for all Paper Shredders ref 40069 6.99 Most often cause is not emptying the paper shredder. 1) First, start by unplugging the shredder, Always do this before attempting to fix a paper jam. What happens is it gets too full and as the paper rises. Delivered . 150X Automatic Cross Cut Shredder. The Rexel RSX1850 provides cross (confetti) cut security for a good security levels. The P-4, cross-cut shredder slices Paper, Staples, Credit Cards, Paper Clips, CDs/DVDs, and Junk Mail at 20 ft/min. P-4 cross cut (4x28mm) Touch panel operation for easy use. 1 offer from $70.29. Shredder Oil 5x 500ml. Manual reverse - comes up jam. $568.00. Delivery Charges. Each sheet is cut into 200 pieces, meaning customers can protect their sensitive information easily and without jams. Manual reverse - comes up jam. Quiet, with simple, intuitive, touch control buttons for easy operation and a generous 23L bin capacity . ColourBlack, Silver. Rexel Rexel ProMax QS RSX1035 Small Office P4 Cross Cut Shredder, Sheet Capacity - 10. Sometimes these will signal if the bin is full, there is a jam, or if it is just overheated. 150M Micro-Cut Shredder. Buy online now. 23L bin capacity. The power to shred more! If there is blocked paper manually pick/pull the paper out. See product. 2. Shredder running problem, Rexel 100x? Use the "Reverse" mode to back up and remove the stuck paper. $844.00. How to unjam a paper shredder? Rexel Promax QS 10-35 Cross-Cut Shredder - Compatible with A4 . It shreds up to 10 sheets at a time into the easy to empty pull out 23L bin which holds up to 225 sheets of paper. Weight: 17.18 kg The Mercury RSM1130 features Jam Free technology with continuous sensing, shredding up to 11 sheets (80gsm) into P-5 (1.9x15mm) micro cut pieces. Unplug the shredder, open door, remove the bin and look at the output side of the blades. And will it do the job easily and quietly? Buy our Rexel Mercury RSS2434 Shredder now at Making strange grinding or high pitch noises. Shredder automatically stops and reverses when too much paper is inserted. 85,000. This departmental Mercury shredder provides everyday shredding with 5.8 mm strip-cutting. Shreds 24 sheets of 80gsm paper at a time; It is possible that the feed slot has become blocked with paper. Set the unit to "Auto" and insert paper to be shredded. If the . This prevents time wasted through reversing paper and unblocking jams not to mention the mess it can create. 367.50 ex VAT. Inside of machine is clean and free running, appears to be a PCB, motor or some sort of current monitoring fault. Categories . The Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ 130X Automatic Paper Shredder is a cross cut shredder with a 30 minute continuous run time with fan cooling, touch control panel and anti-jam technology. Security Level - P-4. RRP: 379.93. Tax, In stock, ADD TO BASKET, QUICK VIEW, What's included: Pros and cons. 19-Sheet Capacity, Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 18-Sheet Capacity, 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder. 225X Automatic Cross-Cut Shredder. Dahle Shredder Parts (9) Fellowes Shredder Parts (49) HSM & Qshred Shredder Parts (36) Ideal Shredder Parts (6) Intimus Shredder Parts (16) Kobra Cyclone Parts (7) Kobra Cyclone Parts (7) Kobra Shredder Parts (12) Kobra Shredder Parts (12) Run-time - 15 minutes. The Rexel RDS2270 provides strip (ribbon) cut security for quick basic security levels. How to Remove Jam on My Shredder Machine- This is how I fixed my shredder. 3. Adding to the value of the shredder, an ultra-quiet sound level that operates the machine at 55 dBA. : yes price category: 4 capacity - paper sheets: 12 weight (kg): 5.5500 product unit: 1 contains timber or derived materials: no The significant rule with any electrical appliance is safety first. With fast despatch & delivery with ongoing support, you can protect your information with a time-saving auto feed shredder in no time. You should also ensure that the cutting head is situated properly since some machines won't operate if it's out of place for safety reasons. REXEL Style 2101942UK Cross Cut Paper Shredder. The Rexel ProStyle+ 5 cross-cut shredder has a sleek look. 4.25 out of 5 stars (25) View product. Unplug your shredder, 2. Rexel Shredders, Altimus carries the largest range of, and is the leading supplier for Rexel Shredders in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE. $733.00. Add to Cart . Acco Rexel Autofeed Shredders Auto+50X Model Auto +50X. General Unjamming Techniques. Manual slot for up to 8 sheets. It shreds up to 12 sheets at a time into the generous 23L bin which has a window so you can see when it needs to be emptied. The longer run times and anti-jam technology allow an efficient workflow, while the touch panels make them easy to use. Strip cut P-2 security level. No need to manually feed paper, or remove staples and paper clips first, this automatic paper shredder will do all the work for you. Jam-free active sensing technology measures the numbers of sheets being fed in real-time to stop paper jams. As low as 265.00. Auto feed up to 130 sheets of A4 paper (80gsm) at a time. Auto - manual feed - paper is fed, then reversed and comes up jammed. The Style Cross Cut Shredder shreds 5 sheets at a time into P4 (4x35mm) cross cut pieces. Use a pair of tweezers to remove all jammed strands of paper from the blades, 4. Fan cooling within the machine allows a maximum of 30 minutes continuous run time. It can handle staples, paperclips, credit cards and features a 7.5 litre auto-feed chamber and up to 9/10 sheets through . 12 sheet capacity - 5 mm x 42 mm Cross (Confetti) Cut (security level P-3) - 220 mm throat width for A4 documents. It comes with a 70 litre bin and jam-free technology which automatically illuminates Green for GO and Red for STOP. If your shredder cannot unjam itself, you will need to do this manually. Each sheet is cut into 40 strips, meaning customers can protect their sensitive information easily and without jams. Fellowes 425Ci is a high-capacity, Commercial shredder to destroy sensitive documents, ideal for use by more than ten users. Manual slot for up to 8 sheets. Mercury Jam-Free Technology. Rexel shredders are placed into categories based on machine size and determined by number of users, Personal shredders meet the shredding needs of 1 person, Executive shredders are for 1 - 2 individuals, Small Office / Home Office shredders are for use by 1 - 10 people, Our Large Office shredders meet the shredding needs of 20+ individuals, Fellowes Powershred 99Ci. Size100 Sheets. Show Filters. Jam Free, Hassle Free, Mess Free Protect you confidential and valuable information by shredding any documents that may put your business at risk from identify fraud REXEL MOMENTUM X308 MANUAL FEED CROSS CUT SHREDDER . remove some sheets in order to shred. Buy Rexel Mercury 22 Sheet Manual Strip Cut Shredder, Jam Free Sensor Technology, 70L Bin, Includes Shredder Oil Sheets, Black, Mercury RDS2270, 2102433 online on at best prices. Auto - manual feed - pap. Apply the oil to the jammed area and allow the oil to soak into the paper. Great for bulk shredding with auto jam reverse feature Features 4x28mm P4 cross cut Shreds up to 100 sheets at a time automatically 34L bin capacity Unique 4 roller system allows for better feeding Includes induction motor for quiet running Touch panel control with light up indicators 20 minutes run time Product Information Delivery & Returns Tax) 156.00 Incl. Rexel Momentum Extra jam free paper shredders are ideal for destroying confidential documents in the office. Bin size - 35L. See product. Forget having to manually feed the shredder, just stack and go! Spend 98% less time shredding, with Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ paper shredders. Getting stuck in the reverse function. Today I am going to show you how to fix a clogged paper shredder. Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ 225X - 225 Sheet Auto Feed. Manual forward - works momentarily, then comes up jam. View and Download Rexel Stack and Shred Auto+50 instruction manual online. P-5 micro cut (2x15mm) REXEL Shredders - Cheap REXEL Shredder Deals | Currys Land yourself a fantastic deal on REXEL products in the Shredder range here at Currys. Automatic anti-jam system with manual reverse. Stack and Shred Auto+50 Paper Shredder pdf manual download. Rare Occasions of Jamming Remove the top shredding section, 3. The extra large bins, longer run times and increased sheet capacity makes . The Momentum X312 paper shredder with anti-jam technology.

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