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New tyres in Hampton Court

For the very best combination of quality, price and professionalism, bring your car or Class 4 vehicle to our Hampton Court tyre-fitting auto centre. We stock a wide range of brands and sizes, never use second-hand tyres and provide all of the advice you need to keep your vehicle safe on the road.

Plus, with our handy online services, you can instantly find the right tyres for your car and identify key details such as the width, load and speed of your tyres. Dedicated to you and your vehicle, your local specialist auto centre is a one-stop service for car owners in Hampton Court and surrounding areas.

Cheap new tyres in Hampton Court

Perhaps the best bit about having the team at Clocktower behind you, is the price. Although we stock the market-leading brands, when it comes to tyres, you won’t find that having them fitted ever breaks the bank.

We believe that every car owner should have access to affordable auto repair and maintenance services, including new tyre-fitting, and so keep our prices as reasonable as possible. Subsequently, we’re also here to take care of any issues you encounter with your vehicle, including your annual MOTs and services. Simply drive on in to see us, or get in touch to book a convenient time and date for you to bring your car in.



New tyres fitted at our Hampton Court auto centre

To help you understand why your car needs a particular size of tyre, we’ve put together a simple guide below. If you’ve ever noticed the numbers and letters that appear on the outside detail of your tyres, this is what they relate to when it comes to selecting replacements.

Extra details such as this are all part of our original approach to customer service at Clocktower Auto Centre. As well as providing you with the ultimate in professional products, repairs, and maintenance, we want you to know where your money is going and how to take great care of your car over time.


As a rough guide, tyres should last around 50,000 miles between replacements. However, a number of factors can decrease the quality of tyres, including how the car is driven, the alignment of the wheels, and the type of car in question.

If one tyre is significantly more worn than the rest, it could mean an underlying issue with the vehicle. It’s usually better to replace tyres at least in pairs, with the older tyres being left on the front axle while the new tyres are fitted at the rear.

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